July 25, 2024


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3 Raw Food Diet Secrets!

3 Raw Food Diet Secrets!

If you’re wondering what the secrets are for eating raw foods there are many reasons to incorporate raw foods into your diet including the health benefits. Eating mostly raw foods will help you in many ways including get rid of a lot of your ailments, symptoms, diseases and conditions. Raw food diets are also called raw vegan diets and living food diets. Raw foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

1. The first secret is – a raw food diet is a natural weight loss diet. This seems to be a secret because there are so many other approaches to losing weight including taking diet pills, diet supplements and signing up for diet plans, when just simply eating living foods will make you lose weight naturally.

When you start eating raw food you’ll notice a very fast drop in weight whether you’re eating raw foods to lose weight or not. It doesn’t matter how much fruits and veggies you eat in any given day you’ll lose weight. You would have to eat literally tons of fruits, veggies nuts and seeds to get enough calories to gain weight. I don’t need to go into why it’s healthy to lose weight you no doubt know that.

2. The second secret is – a raw food diet will give you tons of energy and three extra waking to enjoy every day. As a raw foodist (and nurse) I’ve been eating 100% raw foods for many years. I have tons of energy. I only need five hours sleep a night and have a lot of extra hours to fill because of it. These are not tired hours but productive hours. I have so much energy from my raw vegan diet that I work on several projects at a time and maintain a very busy upbeat lifestyle.

3. The third secret is – eating a raw food diet will help you get rid of existing ailments, conditions and diseases. I know because I got rid of breast cancer, arthritis, fibromyalgia, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, canker sores, chronic sinus infections, heartburn, and digestive problems and more. I never get sick and take no drugs, medicines or medications. You won’t have to suffer either when you start eating living foods.

There are dozens of secrets and health benefits too lengthy to list here bet these will help you start on the right path to superior health. A raw food diet is never boring. You can make all sorts of raw food recipes and prepare uncooked raw vegan desserts like fudge, apple pie, blueberry pie, cookies, crackers, bars, date-pecan balls, and hundreds of others. I especially like home-made almond milk that you can use for dozens of purposes and is a perfect replacement for harmful dairy products. Why not start today by adding more living food to your diet and see and feel the benefits like I have.