June 15, 2024


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Best Plastic Surgeon Nominations

Best Plastic Surgeon Nomination Process

The best plastic surgeons in America are pinpointed through widespread research and utilizing databases of information on significant medical doctor credentials.

Plastic surgeons are supposed to have prescribed expertise and experience in their field. Choosing the best plastic surgeons goes through the following stages:

o random selection from a proprietary system and databases of board certified plastic surgeons
o the reply to a standard question “If one of your loved ones needed medical attention in your field, which of your peers would you choose?” sent out in emails, faxes and the proprietary system
o in the same emails, the physicians log in with a username of their choice by which they submit their nominated peer
o all the information are collected in preparation for the next stage

At the next stage, information on the nominees is reviewed, like the appropriate status of their licenses, malpractice judgments and disciplinary actions.

The information is then cross-referenced with thirteen leased/owned doctor credential information databases to confirm complete nationwide licensure status and pertinent credential information.

Finally, the researchers collect all the pertinent data and review the pool of nominees for verification of their credentials.

America’s Best Plastic Surgeons

o Dallas: Dr. John Burns
o Los Angeles: Dr. Renato Calabria
o Chicago: Dr. Susan Jane Taub
o New York City: Dr. Scot Glasberg

Dr. John Burns is a specialist in facial surgery, breast cosmetic surgery and body plastic surgery. His personal website address is drjohnbursn.com

Dr. Renato Calabria is engaged in a number of service ministries, on top of his plastic surgery practice. He assists children with congenital defects and participates in third world missions where he has done a good number of reconstructive surgeries. His website is drcaabria.com/meet.asp.

In Chicago, Dr. Susan Jane Taub specializes in eye cosmetic surgery. As one surgeon energetically involved in the medical and vision community, she serves at many hospitals in Chicago, among them the Children’s Memorial Hospital. She can be contacted at her website taubeye.com.

An expert in many reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, Dr. Scot Glasberg has published many articles on plastic surgery. His website is smartplasticsurgery.com/drglasberg.html.