June 19, 2024


The Healthy Technicians

Does Robert Ferguson’s Food Lovers Fat Loss System Work?

I was watching to late one night and saw the infomercial for Robert Ferguson’s Food Lovers Fat Loss System. It was interesting to watch because the infomercial seemed kinda unbelievable – not to me but as I would imagine, the thousands of other people watching who needed to drop some pounds.

Pizza? Biscuits and Gravy?

Robert Ferguson says that you can eat anything you like and still lose weight. Weren’t we always told to stay away from these foods if we wanted to lose weight? How they can make you fat?

Haven’t you watched longingly as others who always seemed as if they could eat anything and still didn’t gain an ounce of fat, eat all the “off limits” foods they could.

See the problem is we love those foods and wish we could have them when the rest of the family is indulging and enjoying them. We get so guilty when we have to sneak into the kitchen late at night just to satisfy our cravings.

But as Robert says of his Food Lovers Fat Loss System, there is a way you can have your cake and eat it too (literally).

The Food Lovers Fat Loss System allows you to eat these foods in a way that kicks your metabolism into high gear to help you burn off fat instead of storing it. This, in a way that doesn’t seem to make any logical sense to the ordinary dieter, is much healthier than avoiding these foods altogether and getting no where with your fat loss.

In fact, you’ll not only burn fat but you’ll find that you’re doing better emotionally since you no longer feel guilt because you ate that chocolate cake. You feel much more happier because you ate ice-cream and lost a pound.