June 15, 2024


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Enzidase Nutrition

Enzidase FP, the endo/exo peptidase procured from a special variety of the Aspergillopeptidase enzyme Aspergillus orzae var., has a pH between 6 and 9. But it functions best at a pH of 7.5.

Enzidase FP’s enzymatic action works to improve the hydrolysis of proteins–a chemical process by which they are combined with water and broken own into smaller compounds; it is the same process by which starches are converted to glucose.

The Health Benefits of Our Selected Enzidase-Containing Supplement

The enzyme Enzidase, produced by New Zealand’s Xtend-life Natural Products, is found in their Total Balance family of “foundation” supplements. Formulated for men’s, women’s’ and unisex uses, each capsule of every Total Balance variety provides not only the positive effects of Enzidase, but includes some seventy other powerful and essential nutrients. They include all necessary vitamins and minerals, the essential amino acids, additional enzymes, trace elements, and herbal extracts. And as the name “Total Balance” indicates, each of the formulas contains the correct nutrients, in the correct proportions, to benefit the whole body.

Like all of Xtend-life’s supplements, the production of Total Balance is pharmaceutical GMP compliant—-meeting the world’s highest dietary supplement standards. And Xtend-life has on file, for every supplement they make, a Certificate of Analysis verifying its potency.

Maximizing the Positive Effects of Enzidase

Why is it important to get your health supplements from companies which follow the pharmaceutical GMP compliance standards? The article here may enlighten you. It discusses the problems prevalent in the health supplement industry which result from manufacturers who do not follow those standards.

Only by making sure you are buying products from supplement producers who do honor them will you be assured of avoiding those problems.