May 30, 2024


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How to Quit People Pleasing (& Stop Saying Yes When You Want to Say No)


If I had a cup of matcha for just about every time I claimed certainly to anything (or anyone) in the earlier, when I definitely preferred to say no… ooph, I’d be swimming in a green pool.

It’s a really hard matter for individuals pleasers (each lively and recovering) everywhere. Ideal?

You’re having a fast paced week and somebody asks if you want to get espresso, and even though you have 27 a lot more critical issues to do that working day, you’d feel lousy declaring no. Or, a coworker asks if you have time to handle a thing and you sense obligated, so you say ok even while it’ll make the rest of your working day mad. Or your kid’s university asks you to head up a committee or strategy an event….on top of every thing else on your plate. And you never want to disappoint them. 

Take it from someone who overcommitted and took on way way too a lot for way way too long—and uncovered that tough way that accomplishing so is usually a one-way ticket into overwhelm-ville. Pressured out, maxed out, with minor margin in your life. Which then impacts your means to just take care of the factors that are truly important– things like your well being, properly-staying, your relatives, your occupation, your endurance, and obtaining the time and space to replicate on what you will need for that working day (like your emotional and mental health and fitness). 

It forces you to dwell in REACTIVE mode vs PROACTIVE manner in your existence.

But, we give it away, when we say indeed to anything at all and every thing that pops up in our route.

We give our time and energy out to all the other things…..and then choose whichever scraps are remaining and check out to cobble them collectively and “take treatment of ourselves”….when we’re presently burned out and have nothing at all to give.

But here’s a thing I have acquired (the loooong way, ha). But it is anything which is adjusted my lifetime.

Expressing yes to items is really your selection. 

You ought to have to protect your time, energy and house far more than something else.

And expressing no is All right. Extra than that… it is vital.

But, pay out awareness to what comes up when you do– are you worried that saying no usually means you won’t be appreciated? Are you fearful it will harm other people’s thoughts? Are you nervous that it indicates you’re selfish? All of these issues are value noting…. and then inquiring you if that is basically (factually) legitimate.

For the reason that here’s the thing:

Expressing Certainly to a thing normally suggests that you’re also concurrently declaring NO to a little something else. 

Assume about that ^ the subsequent time you have a final decision to make. What would that indicate stating no to? (Is it time with your family members, time to work out, time for your have tranquil time, your very own rest, etc…. the options are endless, you just have to get definitely trustworthy with you below.)

And we commonly KNOW deep down what our reply seriously is. We just gotta get quiet for a 2nd. In that pause so a great deal can come.

It is not easy, but there’s a Whole lot to be mentioned for tuning into your further instinct and allowing that manual you in every day conditions. Especially when it comes to the decisions we’re making all the time, each and every day.

Just one way to commence listening to and honoring that intuition is to react properly when your intestine is telling you to say no to something, even if guilt or society or some inner pressure to remember to is telling you that you “should” do it anyway.

It’s so eye opening when that inner tug is telling you to reply with no. It usually means you need far more house in some way, and your instinct is operating to safeguard your energetic and psychological capacity.

As mamas, as gals, as practitioners of getting superior treatment of ourselves and our people—it’s at times so a great deal easier to put others’ demands and requests initially and our possess on the again-burner. But I’m right here to explain to you it is so much a lot more enriching to Prevent. To hear to what you have to have, fill up your own cup, and then serve others right after that. You will be capable to do so with these types of a extra enthusiastic, fulfilled spirit when you can learn to say no to the factors that seriously really do not make a difference as considerably.

But how do you truly do this in apply? As a ritual that truly sticks, and that does not make you really feel terrible each and every time?

Ooooh, let us speak about it. Some micro-actions. IN Depth.

I essentially get these methods to guard my vitality and house, and actually say no (even when it *feels* like I need to be saying yes). 

How to say no and guard your power:

1. First?? Do a calendar inventory from the very last 12 months. I suggest get detailed… trust me, this will help so considerably. Search at your commitments, appointments, responsibilities, and responsibilities each and every working day, each and every 7 days. If you have a bodily planner and a electronic calendar (or both of those, or a little something else) search at it all.

2. As you go through them, make two lists: factors that you beloved performing, gave you some thing, and were being value it… and the issues that weren’t truly worth it (time, funds, or energy wise).You’ll know precisely what those are simply because that identical intestine feeling you get when you desired to say no will clearly show up as you overview your past year. It’ll truly feel like a draining feeling or like something’s just off both in your actual physical physique or in your mind. It does not gentle you up or fill you up.

3. Then from your “not worthy of it” list, make a checklist of points that you are no for a longer period heading to commit time on: commitments, asks from other men and women.  This is your “easy no” list. Just permit your instinct do the major listed here. You will know exactly what demands to be easy no’s as you go down the record by tuning into how each individual item makes you come to feel.

4. Soon after your earlier 12 months overview, you will have a great concept of what you want to concentrate on. Now in authentic time when a new ask or dedication will come in, talk to oneself how you may well come to feel about spending your time performing that matter, a calendar year from now. Worthy of it or not?

5. MOST importantly, launch by yourself from the guilt. Simpler claimed than finished? A single thousand p.c, sure. But we’ve got to enable ourselves comply with what matters most and lean into our instinct without the need of beating ourselves up if we Actually want to care for ourselves (and then some others, way too).

Pay out speedy awareness to how your entire body feels when you 1st hear the ask for: does your human body truly feel mild, expansive, and enthusiastic? Or does it agreement? Spend awareness to your shoulders, coronary heart space, and intestine. How does your system Sense with that ask for? Pay attention to that. You want to be paying out the greater part of your time on factors that make you sense excellent. Quiet, articles, and yet energized.

If you have an intuition to say indeed to a little something simply because of people satisfying, being worried of what other people today may possibly assume, experience like you are disappointing them, or emotion like they won’t like you or be mad at you, spend shut consideration to that. Talk to on your own if that is really really real or not.

And a reminder: you do not need to have to be rude or severe when you say no. You can do it gracefully and lovingly. You normally do not even need to make clear why—you can just say you’re not out there at that time. 

A few issues to do as an alternative of stating that automated yes?? Level them to one more man or woman or source. Thank them for thinking of you. Remind by yourself that in saying no to anything subpar, you are developing additional time and room to say indeed to you and the factors that make any difference most to you. And THAT is highly effective and vital.


Your to-do listing is extended plenty of, let us shorten it asap.

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