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Is Kimchi Keto Friendly? – No Bun Please


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Is kimchi keto friendly? Let’s find out if this traditional Korean side dish can be enjoyed by people on keto.

Is Kimchi Keto Friendly
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What Is Kimchi?

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish. It is made from salted and fermented vegetables, mostly napa cabbage and/or Korean radish.

This side dish is a staple food for Korean households. And almost all Korean dishes are eaten with kimchi.

Furthermore, kimchi has a complex flavor. It is sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time. And since it is eaten with almost any Korean dishes, it can be a condiment, an ingredient for soups and stews, a dip or even eaten on its own.

Nutritional Information For Kimchi

Let us analyze the nutritional information of kimchi.

One cup (150g) has 23 calories, 0.8g of total fat and 3.6g of total carbs. It also has 2.4g of dietary fiber, meaning it only has 1.2g of net carbs. Furthermore, it has 1.7g of protein and 227mg of potassium.

So, let’s find out — is kimchi keto friendly?

Is Kimchi Keto Friendly? Can You Eat It While On Keto?

Yes, kimchi is keto friendly. It is low in net carbs (1.2g of net carbs per 150g) and low in fats (0.8g of total fat per 150g). Also, it is free from harmful ingredients like artificial sweeteners and highly refined oils.

However, since it is low in fat, you should supplement it with other keto friendly food that are high in healthy fats.

Kimchi On A Bowl
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Where To Get Kimchi?

Kimchi is available on larger grocery stores that have international aisles, Asian supermarkets or on Amazon. Here’s our best picks on Amazon.


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