[ad_1] I always say that people make plant-based eating too complicated! It can be just as easy as this Burrito with Refried Beans and Corn: whole grain tortillas filled with six ingredients and a side of prepared salsa. This simple burrito—which relies upon frozen and canned ingredients—can be prepared in […]

[ad_1] Kids and snacks, snacks and kids… some things just can’t *not* go together! It’s no secret that as a family, we LOVE food.  I’ve tried my best to nurture a love of REAL food in them by introducing and exposing them to allllll kinds of high quality foods (in […]

[ad_1] Switch up your usual granola routine with this tasty chunky grain free granola recipe which is great on top of a smoothie bowl for a healthy breakfast. This grain free granola recipe was born from my craving for granola which happened to hit me at a time when we […]