June 19, 2024


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Taking Laxatives and Birth Control Pills

A common problem affecting people in the present day sedentary lifestyle is Constipation. It is not therefore surprising to see how hugely popular laxatives are. Laxatives are drugs, food items, or any other lubricant substance, used to stimulate bowel movements, mostly to treat constipation. While Laxatives help remove the undigested food material present in the colon and large intestine, their high dosage can result in diarrhea.

The link between the use of laxatives and birth control pill effectiveness

There is not enough medical evidence on the direct link between the use of laxatives and the effectiveness of birth control pills. However, as a general understanding, if laxatives cause diarrhea, they may hamper the effectiveness of the birth control pill on the body. There is a possibility of getting pregnant then, as the pill may not be absorbed the way it would have, if one did not have laxatives induced diarrhea and vomiting. It has been observed that if there is vomiting within two hours of taking the pill, one should consider it as a missed pill. In addition, if one has three or more loose bowel motions for a couple of days, the efficacy of the pills may decline.

The Castor example: A laxative and birth control measure

Castor seeds are used to produce Castor oil, which while being a strong laxative, also has the ability to induce labor in pregnant women. Given this potential ability of stimulating the uterus, it may also give the effects of a birth control mechanism. Although the effects are not proven, there is a possibility of research in its effectiveness both, as a birth control method and a laxative.

Healthier alternatives

While the exact link between birth control pills and laxatives is not yet proven, it is important to understand that taking laxatives for a long period is not a great idea, and is certainly not good for your intestines. What may start as a cure for mild constipation can turn out to be a vicious cycle of over dependence on laxatives! If constipation is troubling you and you take birth control pills, it may be a better idea to improve your overall lifestyle than relying on laxatives. One can switch to better healthier alternatives. Try out the following:

Exercise: Regular exercise and workout will keep your whole body functioning well and in shape too.

Eat a healthy diet: Eating a fiber rich diet with lots of salads and legumes is a great idea to stimulate your intestines and ensure the removal of waste matter.

Drink plenty of water: The ultimate natural body cleanser is and always will be water. It helps flush out toxins from your colon and intestines.

Finally, in case you still have problems with constipation and are on birth control pills, a visit to the doctor would be the best bet!

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