June 15, 2024


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Average Yearly Expenses Of Your Maltipoo

Several poodle breeds make good family companions. The appeal of Maltipoo is unparalleled. It is why several dog owners today are curious to know about the cost of Maltipoo. Thanks to the trainability and skills of therapy dogs, it’s no wonder these dogs are expensive compared to other poodle mixes, including Yorkie poo or Labradoodles.

The Average Cost Of Having A Maltipoo Puppy

Apart from the color, the size also has a lot of say in the price. The average cost of this puppy from a reputable breeder would be around $400 to $4000. You need to know that adult dogs are sold at a lower price than pure bred dogs, as they are no longer in their prime years. Reputable breeders market them for just $350 or $700.

Among all the measures, tea cups are generally noticeable and the most expensive as the parent dogs are internationally only by a limited number of dog breeders. That does not mean that these sizes are healthier as compared to others. They might be an anomaly as poodles and Maltese do not come in teacup size.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of The Puppy

Compared to other mixed-breed dogs, these dogs cost a lot more, and you will find these prices ironic as these dogs are small crossbreeds.

The Reputation Of The Breeder

Professional breeders go to a great extent to prove their reputation, which is very different from puppy mills. Once they are given recognition or acknowledged by some organizations, including American Kennel Club, their prices become premium. This is well worth it even though they offer the healthiest puppies, and breeding stock is tested for health.


The color of the puppy details the cost because red champagne and chocolate are very expensive compared to white, cream, and other colors due to their rarity.


The first-generation process that only requires a poodle parent and amenities parent would be cheaper than the second-generation puppies and beyond.

Puppies age

Initially, all the Maltipoo breeders have the letters microchipped, vaccinated, and wetted besides neutered, which can balloon to some dollars.

You Can Adapt The Breed From A Rescue

If you are on a tight budget, you would wonder how much a new Maltipoo costs from the rescue. The healthy adoption fee would be around $102 to $800, depending on the rescue organization. It means that you should always go for adoption because it will help save a dog’s life, while it would be practical in saving money.

The fee collected by the majority of the shelters and rescues goes to maintaining other dogs which are left in the facility. The actual cost of rehabilitating the rescue dog is pretty expensive compared to what is being asked by the rescue organizations.

But the screening process is also pretty intensive compared to buying the dog.

Food and Water Bowls

You would not be able to feed the dog just by the palm of your hand. Purchasing a feeding bowl for the food and water is something you should not overlook. It can be bought for just $10 or $25. Similar to humans, these dogs need a dog bed which also serves as a space for them to retreat if you have visitors.

Grooming Essentials

The dog must be groomed at least 2 to 3 times a week. Besides the brush, you also have to invest in grooming essentials, including dog shampoo and nail trimmer ear cleaner, which you can purchase from $30 to $150.

Initial Vaccine Shot

Vaccine shots are essential if you want to avoid any unhealthy dog. Some dog vaccines protect your dog from scratches or accidental bites. The vaccines are generally around $75 to $200.

Dog ownership is not a cheap venture. Throughout your dog’s lifespan, you must provide the needs, whether it is food, toys, or medical requirements.


Annual vet visits must also be a priority for the dog. Hence it would be best if you were prepared to pay $200 to $400 to a licensed veterinarian. Most potential puppy owners will ignore the possible cost of medical treatment for diseases like white shaker syndrome. You should include pet insurance to avoid burning a hole in your pocket if your dog has a medical emergency.