December 1, 2022


The Healthy Technicians

Be Where Your Hands Are

Confession: I have a ridiculously tricky time remaining in the current moment. So considerably so I’m producing this site post and wondering about what new recipe I can share with you guys’ following 7 days. And if my young ones have gloves and hats in their university lockers due to the fact it is a tiny chilly with outdoor recess nowadays. GAH. Current Instant KATHERINE!

Current minute: Car line with Massive Mac!

I are likely to concentrate on the previous, which I know I can not alter. Then I commence wondering about and fearing for the future, and I cannot do everything about that both. So what else is there to do?

Be where by your arms are….

When I get into these mental areas, focusing on in which my fingers are DOES help carry me into fact. What’s occurring at this pretty next. Writing this. Connecting with you. Sipping on scorching espresso. Focusing on this assumed- remaining the place my arms are- aids ground me and convey awareness to what truly issues.

But additional than concentrating on where my arms are, I switch to God in prayer and request for assistance. Assistance turning off views about the previous, the long term, about different factors in the current minute that really don’t definitely make a difference. Irrespective of what I’m performing or considering, I consider God is with me. And needs what’s finest for me and my children.

One of my preferred weekly “moments,” Sunday meal and/or lunch with my parents.

God, frequently exhibit me the Existing, no make any difference what comes my way. Assist me to keep in the instant to understand you there with me. Show me how to give the gift of each individual moment to many others, in particular my children.


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