April 17, 2024


The Healthy Technicians

Benefits of Having a Stepmill Machine in Your Home Gym

We’ve seen movies, commercials, TV shows that show the hero getting in shape by running up a flight of stairs. But, that’s not just for a bit of drama. Running stairs is a great way to get in shape! But, the weather is not always conducive to running stairs. Finding a flight of stairs near home isn’t still practical either. That’s why Stepmills, also known as Steppers, were invented.

Unlike running stairs, a stepper or Stepmill allows you to “dial-in” the level of resistance you want, giving you the freedom to choose how difficult you want your workout to be. But, what is the difference between a Stepmill and a stepper? A Stepmill can be thought of like a treadmill, but rather than having a revolving belt, it has revolving steps. In comparison, a stepper looks more like an elliptical trainer. Still, instead of the footpads moving fore & aft, they move up and down. Both work the same muscles and offer the same benefits. It’s more a matter of preference as to whether you want to walk on stairs or pads.

Stepmill or Stepper Benefits

  • It’s Low Impact – Using a Stepmill has much less impact on your body than running on a treadmill. When running, the high impact of running, thanks to the force of your feet hitting the ground, can over time – cause strain on your knee. With a stepper or Stepmill, not only do you decrease your foot impact drastically since you’re forced to move at a slower pace, you may burn more calories than walking while still getting an effective cardio workout.
  • It’s a great calorie burner! – As mentioned above, the climbing effort burns more calories than walking on a flat surface. As each step forces you to lift your body, that takes more effort than just moving it forward. This also means that if you’re pressed for time to burn the same calories, don’t skip leg day when you’re at home, look for Matrix Stepmill for sale – so you can get the same fat-burning effect in less time.
  • Great for toning your lower body! – That same lifting motion works your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves to a much higher degree than a treadmill. You also build up lean muscle without bulking up, so for women, you get a great shape to your lower body while burning fat!

Tips for Best Results on the Stepmill

  • Whether your goal is to slim down or build your heart health, try not to lean on the bars. Holding the bars is good, but leaning against the bars defeats the whole purpose.
  • Start at a low level like 6 or 7 and slowly move up. Then throw in a 1-minute sprint at level 18 or something that challenges you, and then go back down the scale.
  • It is good to turn all 360 degrees instead of just stepping up forward.
  • As your muscles begin to adapt, change the intervals’ style by tweaking the duration of walking or “sprinting”.

The fitness benefits are real-world benefits! – Using a Stepmill or stepper to workout will help you train your core, not to mention hike and climb more efficiently. You’ll also increase your stamina and endurance.