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Diet Desires Launches | October 2020

Diet Desires Launches | October 2020

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DiDe launches!

Diet Desires Mexican QuinoaFriends and Foods Lovers:  I am delighted to announce that I am formally launching my Food plan Wishes web page!! I affectionately call it DiDe (dye-dee).
It has been quite a learning curve and thanks to those people who assisted me iron out the technological challenges.  Reminds me of how Microsoft launches items.  Just get it out there even if it is only 80% carried out and then correct the attributes when they scream at you! So make sure you sense no cost to scream Or just stay with me a little bit more time.
Impression: Mexican Quinoa on my kitchen area table.
Would like your comments in two approaches:  (1)  Just remain subscribed!  (2) Or ship me a mail: What is YOUR foods choice? (Normal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten absolutely free, minimal-carb, very low-salt, Mediterranean, flexitarian, plant-based and many others.)  Undoubtedly you have distinct food items requires, primarily throughout COVID. What would that be? Please ship me any typical responses you would like. I reply to everyone.  If you like the producing in this Well being and Longevity Website, sense no cost to move it on to everyone – they can subscribe to the attached newsletter on line.
Virtual hug (Tavpuszi in Hungarian), remain safe!
Hanna (Hajna)

I am your personal recipe curator and tailor

This is my very first publication for my new child — the Food plan Wishes site. It will improve and change via its readers, if I am lucky. I hope to hear your input. It is all about Drive!  I hope you will need to see a recipe, especially a recipe which could be inspired by your dream, a vacation trip, nutritional require or nostalgia. Entertainment LighthouseWith my newsletters I would like to present a colourful and modern enjoyment & details “lighthouse” with purple, orange, yellow lights representing your proper brain largely – like passion, contentment, humor, strength and so on. Occasionally some blue, green for your remaining mind – like wellbeing information, beneficial tips, or calming experiences.
Instagram: OKUDA SAN MIGUEL I like to think of myself as a passionate curator and a recipe tailor for you, all the although focusing on well being and longevity. Diet Desires Diet CategoriesHow can I enable you? I have been cooking and collecting recipes all my everyday living.  Currently check out to make them  to be lower-carb, vegan, gluten-absolutely free, small-salt, Mediterranean, and many others. (see diet plans protected in my blog site at suitable). But a dish just can’t be free of anything!  If we begin limiting also a lot of elements, I am scared we conclude up with a plate of incredibly balanced ice cubes!
Dread not ice cubes, for I am Hungarian. When I was youthful, Hungarian foods had to be fatty and salty.  A nutritious meatless Hungarian dish was an oxymoron. Not anymore. Influenced by science and education and learning, quite a few of us are changing the carbs, undesirable extra fat, and nonetheless want to take in tasty food.
In my recipes, numerous noteworthy aged Hungarian substances might continue to be, enriching as a result of American recipes. Parts will be scaled-down.  I might provide vegan options. For example, you can see in which I’m heading when I expose that I sometimes use my favourite flavor enhancer: small bits of smoked uncured bacon, just for the flavor. Dining with out guilt is my motto in this Wellness and Longevity Blog. Is there this kind of a matter actually? Oh Certainly!

Old to New American Diet by American Cancer InstituteHanna’s information bits

The New American Plate

Impression: Old to New American Plate – American Institute for Cancer Research
Just have read a
new short article by American Institute for Most cancers Study on “Setting Your Desk to Stop Cancer”. Great source for health avoidance. The report describes The
New American Plate as opposed to the Old American Plate.
You can see the big difference in these illustrations or photos.

Hungary’s influence on American veganism

Béla Bicsérdy Hungarian Vegan KingBéla Bicsérdy (Zenta, February 22, 1874 – Billings, Montana, December 7, 1951) was a Hungarian pioneer in health society, naturopath, choice medication advocate, lecturer, author of many guides, athlete, supporter of rawism [raw food movement], fasting and holistic therapies. His essential thesis was that it is achievable to defeat disorder by using up radical vegetarianism, or “defeating Demise,” as 1 of Bicsérdy’s publications heralded.

Borbély, Ştefan. “Utopian Wondering in Transylvania: German and Hungarian Case Research.” Transylvanian Evaluate XXVII, no. 02 (2018): 83–91.

At the conclusion of 1944, Bicsérdy and his wife at the time – he was married five instances! – left Hungary for Germany, and they emigrated to the US in 1951.  He died in Billings, Montana in December of that same year. Béla Bicsérdy was the most mystical character of the Hungarian social background of the twentieth century. His title was recognised during the state as the ‘Hungarian apostle’ of the uncooked vegetarian way of living [raw vegan] in the 1920’s, 1930’s. His do the job experienced been bought in hundreds and hundreds difficulties. In his daily life only, there were far more than 2,500 articles prepared about him in Hungarian, German, English, Czech, Romanian etcetera. languages. He held his suggestive speeches in front of hundreds and hundreds of people today of which were so productive that nearly triggered mass hysteria and frequently led to the consequence of just prohibiting individuals [by the governing forces].
According to Bicsérdy, right after doctors couldn’t cure him from his health problems, he grew to become a raw foodist [mostly consuming raw fruits and vegetables] and took extended fasts. Bicsérdy claimed that he remedied himself from all his illnesses, and his hair and shed enamel grew back.

My Recipes of the Month

Hungarian Bean Soup (Jókai Bableves)

Hungarian Bean Soup  Here is my most recent, preferred recipe. Hungarian Bean Soup (Jokai). You
are one of the initially to see these recipes.  It’s a healthier option to
the fantastic historical Hungarian recipe that is entire of carbs, body fat, and salt.
My smoky bean soup is named soon after popular Hungarian author,
Mór Jókai, who at the time mentioned:

Flames of enthusiasm may possibly eventually be extinguished at the altar
of appreciate. But the oven’s heat lasts endlessly. Every single plate of foods is a
confession of appreciate, or vice versa: a silent cry for divorce.

All people will really like this recipe! Smoked uncured bacon or ham is the best, but if you want a vegan variation, use mushrooms and lots of smoked paprika, and some liquid smoke.

Overnight Carrot Cake OatmealRight away Oatmeal Carrot Cake Breakfast

If you are like me, you could possibly need a shortcut to a balanced, home made breakfast.  Just put together Right away Oatmeal Carrot Cake. Devote a few minutes in the night and delight in a good breakfast, without the need of cooking 1! The flavor is abundant, the exertion is little.

Vegan Mushroom Paprikash

Vegan Mushroom PaprikashA vegan edition for the traditional and preferred vegetarian Hungarian mushroom stew, which you can cook yr round. The flavor is the identical: Paprika makes the dish incredibly Hungarian. For vegans and gluten-free, provide the mushrooms with rice or zoodles. Quick and straightforward to make.

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