Do you agree with calorie counts on menus?

New rules introduced on April 6 mean that many restaurants will now have to display calorie counts for different meals and items on their menus.

Restaurants, cafes and takeaways that have more than 250 staff members will now be required to display the counts on menus, of non pre-packed food and soft drinks.

The government also encourages smaller businesses to provide this on menus too, despite it not being mandatory for them.

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The new rule is part of a move from the government to encourage healthier choices in a bid to curb obesity.

But there are concerns that displaying calorie counts on menus will be harmful for people with eating disorders. The NHS estimates that one in every six people are at risk of developing an eating disorder and it’s felt by many that the numbers on menus will encourage those who are already dangerously ruled by calories to obsess further.

Another issue that has been raised is also the increased cost it may bring to businesses.

However, some restaurant owners and managers are positive about the change. Mitko Mitev of Gusto in Manchester city centre told the M.E.N.: “So many people now have dietary requirements, it is not simply because they are on a diet. Many people have healthy lifestyles. It is a good idea, 100 per cent.”

Let us know your thoughts in our comments section.

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