June 17, 2024


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Don’t You Wish You Had Free Marijuana Seeds?

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Free marijuana seeds can seem like a dream to some people, but don’t think that the little seeds that fall out of your bag are the ones you should be using to grow your own weed. Sure, they work. But you can never be sure of their quality and how well they will germinate. If you really want to get your hands on free marijuana seeds, we will tell you the best possible way to do so. Keep reading this article in order to know more about how you can get them!

The only way to get free marijuana seeds is to grow marijuana!

Whether you are a hobby grower at home or something who wants to grow and sell weed commercially, you’re going to order weed seeds at some point of time. When you do order them, the first thing you need to do is germinate them, and then grow them. Depending on the strain, this can take 7-10 weeks and then you can harvest the flowers. Now, when you harvest them, you’ll see that the plant is filled with lots of seeds. Pluck them out and plant them in the ground to grow more weed!

How do you know if the seeds are healthy?

The biggest mistake you can make while plucking these seeds is plucking them when they are too young. You might think that green seeds can be plucked out and used but green seeds are actually young and unhealthy. The same goes for white ones. What you should be picking are black or grey seeds, because these ones are always the healthiest of them all. These seeds are generally mature and ready to be planted in the ground to grow more weed when you need it.

How to grow weed from scratch?

Once you have your seeds, you must germinate them. Keep in mind that there are always going to be a few duds so if some of the seeds do not germinate, that is okay. Just move on and germinate the rest. Once that is done, plant them in soil, a nutrient mix, or water, as per your convenience. Make sure they get ample sunlight daily, or expose them to grow lights in you are growing them indoors. Finally, make sure you add nutrients in the soil so that they can be healthy and of good quality.

When you have your seeds, all that is left is to plant them, so do not hesitate. Get your seeds and enjoy growing a plant, harvesting the flowers, and smoking your own weed that’s grown from scratch! Nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishment that comes with this process!