July 25, 2024


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Herbal Cure For Joint Pain

Herbal Cure For Joint Pain

Joint pain can be stressful and it can also limit the activities you can do comfortably. Severe joint ailments might also restrict mobility. The most common joint ailments that cause excruciating pain include arthritis and osteoarthritis. People are always looking for ways by means of which they can cure or at least relieve the discomfort. Herbal cure is probably one of the best that you can choose for pain relief. This is considering that it revolves around natural herbs which do not have any side effects.

Ayurveda is a natural healing process which offers a holistic approach allowing the patients to attain higher self harmony (atmay), mind (manas) and helps in regaining vital energy from the universe (prana), body and the senses. The Ayurvedic treatment process combines natural herbs and herbal minerals with no side effects. Meditation, yoga and use of massage are also practiced under this treatment to achieve complete wellness besides, getting rid of joint pain.

Arthritis Treatment

This is the most common joint condition people suffer from. It is a systemic, chronic inflammatory disorder which affects organs and tissues, thus leading to pain and ailing. It is a disease that can start with morning stiffness and fatigue extending to muscle ache, weakness and loss of appetite. Those suffering from this condition might use pharmaceutical drugs to relieve the pain, but it is not always a good option. Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis is probably the most effective herbal way of dealing with the pain.

This herbal treatment revolves around internal medicines and external therapies which help in dealing with and eliminating the pain of arthritis. It uses traditional Ayurvedic treatment methods together with classical Ayurvedic medicines to help with pain relief. The treatments are made up of:

Choorna Kizhi:

This is considered to be the most effective of all Ayurvedic treatments when it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis and osteoarthritis. The treatment uses a mixture of natural herbs which are applied to the body to an extent that the individual sweats profusely. The treatment requires that the patient is kept in different positions including left lateral, right lateral, supine and sitting positions.


This treatment uses special massage oil. The oil is applied using a variety of strokes lasting for up to 45 minutes every day for at least two weeks. The treatment is most suitable for osteoarthritis, obesity and body aches among others. The treatment nourishes the body, revitalizes the nervous system, helps overcome stress and fatigue, promotes good sleep, improves physical appearance, and builds self confidence.


This is another Ayurvedic treatment where the patient suffering from joint pain is rubbed with medicated herbal oils. It is applied all over the body and in different postures, including lying and sitting. The treatment uses cooked Njavara rice and a medicinal decoction used by the therapist for at least 14 days for complete joint pain relief to be enjoyed. Regular use of the Ayurvedic pain treatment methods has a way of offering a permanent cure for arthritis. This is because complete well being is promoted during the treatment.