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Is Monat Pyramid Scheme? (2022)


In this post, I will show you complete information about Monat MLM Company and also about Monat Pyramid Scheme.

monat pyramid scheme

Here, you will know about,

  • Company profile of Monat
  • Monat products
  • Monat Compensation Plan
  • And many more.

Let’s get started.

What Is Monat Global?

MONAT Global Corporation is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company that sells hair products along with many other beauty products for hair care, and scalp irritation. Lewis and Rainer Urdaneta were founded Monat in 2014 as a privately held corporation. With selling products, the company also provides a Direct selling Business Plan.

Monat has expanded their Products Hair Care to skincare and wellness after getting huge success with its hair care products. They rely heavily on market participants promoting the brand on a number of social media platforms.

Monat also Provides Business Plan that either sells the company’s products or focuses on other people joining the company as a market partner so that they can sell the product or buy the product at a discount.

Monat Company Profile

Name Monat Global Corporation
Founder Lewis and Rainer Urdaneta
Started 2014
Product Categories Hair Care Products, Skincare Products, and many more
Office Address 3450 NW 115th Ave.Doral, FL 33178
Website www.monatglobal.com
Email ID [email protected]

What Are The Monat Products? 

Monat offers a variety of skincare and hair care products that help people interested in keeping their hair clean and their skin healthy body products and also as well as supplements. 

The goal of Monat products is that you as a customer can establish a healthy hair and skincare routine with their products.

The Monat Hair Care line is by far the most comprehensive, with a variety of “systems” to choose from:

  • Hydration System 
  • Effortless Style System 
  • Advanced Hydrating Hair Care Solution
  • Magnify System 
  • Monat Studio One 
  • Volume System 
  • Junior Line 
  • Classic Confidence System 
  • Super Nourish 

The Price of the Monat products depends on many factors and it is changeable. A bottle of Shampoo costs about $35, and a bottle of conditioner costs about $47. It seems a bit expensive compared to Daily Moisture Shampoo. Yet, it is very beneficial and customers seem to be enjoying it.

However, I am not a trichologist, and most of the Monat Market partners are not. That’s why I’ve seen several Monat reviews for this post.

Is Monat A Network Marketing Company?

Yes, Monat Global is Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing or Direct Selling Company. The company has mostly skincare and haircare products which their market their products through simple network marketing or MLM fashion.

Monat company calls their Direct seller or Sales representative “independent business owners” or “Monat Market Partners”.

The Monat Compensation Plan

Although some people are suspicious about the income from multi-level marketing, other the hand, many people are interested in it. You can assume that compensation plans are almost always confusing and complicated, and Monat’s compensation plans are no exception.

Monat lets you make money in two ways: 

  1. Products Selling
  2. Recruiting New People and Building Team

1. Make Money From Product Selling

Monat distributors actually act as a kind of middleman. Customers are only referred to products that they deem appropriate. There is nothing wrong with this idea, but it can limit your earning power until you can not make a downline.

At first glance, Monat’s income structure looks great. They distribute commissions so that distributors receive 30% of sales.

Distributors get an average of about 30% commission, but very few people who work for such a multi-level marketing company make money. In fact, according to the FTC, 99% of people quit with only one MLM initiative. Unfortunately, most people lose money with MLM in the long run.

With numbers like this, it’s not overly confident.

2. Make Money From Building A Team

Monat Global pays a percentage of the commission to their Distributor those who hire new people. Even if the product is cheap that a new member has purchased you will still get some cuts. However, if you sell the product yourself, you will not get around 30%.

It is good to earn a percentage of commission of direct recruits’ earnings, but keep in mind that this number is still dependent on their earnings. It’s hard to say what it looks like because sales are expected to vary greatly from one sale to the next.

The next step referred to as “leveraged revenue sharing”, is the next step. This allows you to earn up to six levels within your marketing team. Although the company does not use conventional terminology, Monat Global follows a common uni-level plan from the all Network marketing Plan.

Probably, for this Structure, some people think about the company, Monat Pyramid Scheme. But, it is not true.

Ranked Up By Recruiting People To Monat Company

It is true fact in MLM, that recruiting new people to join Monate as a market Distributor is more profitable than selling products. 

Monat has 11 different ranks to go through, each with its own bonus scheme.

There are six different forms of bonuses:

  • Uni-level
  • Group volume
  • Rank Advancement
  • Rank Advance Matching
  • Motor Club
  • Generation

These two bonuses have several levels or generations, the “Uni-Level Bonus” and the “Generation Bonus”.

While the pay structure is confusing, it is clear that the more people you attract, the more money you will earn from the company. 

How Much Money Can You Make With Monat? 

Since we’re talking about earning money from Network Marketing Company, Is it Monat Global or any other company, I’ll give you some real hard statistics. Most people who sign up for a multi-level marketing company make no money.

The reality is that losing 99% of the money is much more frightening. John M. Taylor researched that the Network Marketing Success rate is only 0.04%. If you have a wide number of people under you (Downline), you may be able to make money with Monat. That’s why, there is rumored around the people, Network Marketing is Pyramid Scheme, Monat is Pyramid Scheme, you can’t make money.

I would advise you, though, to consider whether it would be right to make money from people who are statistically likely to lose money.

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So, Is Monat Pyramid Scheme?

Before diving into the actual answer, Is Monat Pyramid Scheme, First, we need to know, What is Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid Scheme is one kind of Business model that only joined people as investors for a certain amount and has to hire people for that amount and much more. No one ever gets a product, and that part makes it illegal.

No. Monat is not a pyramid scheme. It is a legitimate network marketing company that sells Skincare Products, hair care products, and many more. By making a large downline and building an active team, you can make money hugely from selling Products yourself or by team

While there is not much to say about Monat Hair Products, one thing we can say is that Monat is a legitimate company.

However, There is some symbol of that Monat Pyramid Scheme. It is classified as “multi-level marketing”. This is technically a legal business practice because it involves the sale of physical items.

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Is Monat A Scam?

No, Monta is not a scam. It is valid despite having a lower rating than BBB. FDA and Health Canada have approved the Monat’s Products. Although the products are labeled as unsafe, these companies consider them “safe for their intended cosmetic purposes.”

But it’s not easy.

There is a lot of work and research has been done in that show, there is no real guarantee of success, and – most importantly, the actual commissions are quite small.

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  1. Is Monat a pyramid scheme?

    No. Monat Global is not a Pyramid Scheme. It is a valid legal MLM Business.

  2. Do you actually make money with Monat?

    Yes. You can actually make money from Monal Global. There are two ways to make money from Monat Compensation Plan which gives you to earn approx 30% commission. One is Product Selling and another is Recruiting New People.

  3. Where is the CEO of MONAT from?

    As Co-Founder and CEO of MONAT Global, Ray has led MONAT from humble beginnings in Miami, Florida.

  4. Who owns MONAT?

    MONAT GLOBAL is a subsidiary Company of Alcora Corporation.

  5. Is MONAT vegan?

    MONAT Global Claims to be 100% Vegan Brand.

  6. What’s the catch with MONAT?

    The catch is influencers, brand ambassadors, etc. In fact, they are paid to do all this and they do not pay for the product. With Monat, you have to buy the products yourself and they are not cheap.


It’s easy to see why people want to join a multi-level marketing company like Monat or Shaklee. The temptation is even stronger when you see pictures of new Cars and Luxury Lifestyles all over social media.

Monat, however, is no different from other multi-level marketing companies like Herbalife Nutrition or Forever Living Products.

Honestly, I would only recommend it to people who have a wide connection with People. 

I hope you find all the information about Monat Global from this article.

In short, Monat Global Corporation is good their Skincare and Haircare Products. You can buy their products to use, but doing MLM Business with them is your responsibility. I only recommend, don’t look at one thing of the company, there are many factors before joining a network marketing company.

Now, I’d like to know from you:

Do you want to join the company?

if Yes, What’re things did you notice in the company, that are Good?

Let me know in the comment Right now.


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