July 25, 2024


The Healthy Technicians

Nutrition and Mental Health: What (and How) to Eat


All over the internet, you’ll find magical-sounding solutions for anxiety, depression, brain fog, and fatigue.

Eat this ancient mushroom! Wear this crystal! Hang upside down!

If only feeling better were that simple.

Focusing on just one food or supplement is kind of like wearing a raincoat that only covers your left shoulder. 

It’s just not enough to help you weather life’s storms.

First, nutrition accounts for only part of the mental and emotional health picture.

Things like exercise, stress management, sleep, social support, and a sense of purpose are also crucial to feeling balanced, strong, and capable.

Second, mental and emotional well-being depends on many different nutrients from many different foods.

(That ONE ancient mushroom isn’t your nutritional panacea.)

In the below infographic, you’ll find ways to build a better mental and emotional health “raincoat”—one that’s durable (and full body).

If you’re a coach…

Remember your scope of practice: You can’t recommend specific foods, beverages, or supplements as a treatment for depression, anxiety, or any other medical condition. That’s what your client’s doctor is for.

Here’s what you CAN do….

  • Support clients as they put their doctor’s advice into practice
  • Listen with curiosity and compassion when clients tell you about their struggles
  • Let clients know about supplements that might help—and encourage them to discuss that information with their doctor
  • Recommend dietary patterns known for enhancing mental and emotional health

Download this infographic for your tablet or printer and apply the steps to create a diet that helps you think and feel better.


If you’re a health and fitness pro…

Learning how to help clients manage stress and optimize sleep can massively change your clients’ results.

They’ll get “unstuck” and finally move forward—whether they want to eat better, move more, lose weight, or reclaim their health.

Plus, it’ll give you the confidence and credibility as a specialized coach who can solve the biggest problems blocking any clients’ progress.

The brand-new PN Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching Certification will show you how.


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