July 22, 2024


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Nutritional Information on Methylsulfonylmethane

Nutritional Information on Methylsulfonylmethane

Methylsulfonylmethane is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, you might be taking a risk if you choose to use this supplement. That being said, MSM is believed to work well by enhancing the effectiveness of pain medications. As a result, the dosage of a pain medication could be reduced. MSM and most pain medications can be used together.

Sulfur is necessary for making collagen, the primary component of cartilage, skin, and connective tissues. MSM then, is a sulfur based supplement. You should be aware of whether or not you have an allergy to sulfa based medication/supplements.

Methylsulfonylmethane benefits

Methylsulfonylmethane has a number of benefits according to reports.
It works well as a pain reliever, promotes wellness, and supplies the body with sulfur. It also helps to relieve heartburn and acid stomach. The nutrient also relieves allergies, arthritis, and may prevent breast cancer.

Known side effects and precautions

As with many medications, even over the over the counter meds, there are side effects. Some side effects will go away over time and other more serious side effects could put your health and life in danger. You should know the risks before taking any vitamin, supplement, or prescription medications.

Basic side effects are headaches and diarrhea. Allergic reactions are more serious and should be noted. These include rash, itching, swelling,
dizziness, and breathing problems. A doctor should be consulted immediately if these effects occur or are prolonged.

Consulting your doctor before using MSM is imperative if you have any sulfa related allergies, if you are pregnant, or if you are breast feeding. If you are breast feeding, the MSM can be given to your child via your breast milk.Your doctor should also be consulted as to whether taking Methylsulfonylmethane will be a problem with your other medications. A negative interaction between medicines can cause very serious problems. Also let the doctor know of any allergies you might have.

Once again, you must be aware that MSM is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and if you choose to use it, you do so at your own risk. You should alert your doctor to all medical conditions, allergies, and medications to prevent a negative inter-reaction with the medicines. You should also consult with your doctor before using this product or making any changes in your medications, or vitamin regimen, as well as your diet. This is for your own safety, protection, and your overall wellbeing. The same recommendation holds for Total Balance, our supplement of choice, discussed on many pages of our website.

Our Tip on getting the true Methylsulfonylmethane benefits

Nutritional supplements in the U.S. and other countries in the world are largely unregulated, and many companies, both government and private have shown that consumers of nutritional supplements have only a 1 in 5 chance of purchasing a supplement that actually contains the amount of ingredients stated on the product label, or worse yet, a supplement that is not contaminated with dangerous toxins that could eventually impair your health.

For the above reason, we always say that consumers should health supplements from pharmaceutical GMP compliant facilities, such places adhere to the most exacting manufacturing standards. If you do what we have suggested, you can be sure you are getting the amount of Methylsulfonylmethane you purchased, and one that is not contaminated with harmful toxins.