May 24, 2024


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Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Success Stories: Top Inspirational Raw Foodists

Losing weight on a raw food diet is certainly the way to go. I base this statement not on personal opinion, but on the number of raw food weight loss success stories that I have come across whilst researching this topic. And when you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense. If a person were to cut out all junk, processed, zero-nutrient foods from their diet and replace them with raw, nutrient-dense superfoods – weight loss and optimal health are obviously going to occur. It’s pretty much guaranteed on this superior diet! Because weight loss on the raw food diet is so prevalent, I have decided to share with you today two amazing raw food success stories that I have personally found to be truly inspirational. So if you are looking for inspiration to eat more unprocessed living foods in your diet – please read on!

Success Story #1 – Angela Stokes

Her story is so inspirational that she was actually shown on CNN news on TV. Why was her personal story broadcasted to the world? When her weight peaked to a whopping 133kg (294lbs) at age 23, Angela was frightened of her future. With morbid obesity, uncontrolled over-eating and a diabetes fright, Angela decided that it was time to take action. After reading about the raw food lifestyle, Angela knew that it was the only way to go, and overnight she went 100% raw. Angela lost half of her body weight, and has never looked back since. Today she remains at her ideal body weight of 62kg (137lbs), which she has maintained for many years. She certainly is the goddess of “raw inspiration” for those who wish to lose weight in a healthy manner!

Success Story #2 – Carlene Jones

Carlene Jones is another amazing raw food weight loss success story. At just 5’1″ Carlene suffered from morbid obesity throughout her adult life and topped a peak of 120kg (264lbs) when she was at her heaviest. She repeatedly went on diets and lost weight, only to feel depressed and regain it all back afterwards. She was the queen of yo-yo dieting and often engaged in dangerous regimes to lose weight including a combination of drugs, excessive exercise and not eating. She came to the point where she truly believed that she would remain morbidly obese for the rest or her life, and that nothing would ever help her. Then she came across the raw food lifestyle. After plenty of research and reading success stories of others who have gone on the living superfoods diet, Carlene made some miraculous changes in her life. She began her raw food journey and dropped 62kg (136lbs) in just 9 months. That’s actually nearly 2 kilos each week! Due to her state of morbid obesity, Carlene was dropping an average of 0.25kg (1/2lbs) per day. She is now alive with energy and feels thin and healthy, something that she has never experienced in her life!

I believe that these two women offer invaluable raw inspiration for overweight persons who wish to engage in a healthy lifestyle to lose weight. Angela Stokes and Carlene Jones were both morbidly obese, but have freed themselves from a life of misery and depression by going on the living food diet. They are not alone in losing weight on this healthy lifestyle – many others have also reaped its benefits. I have been researching the raw food diet for years now and the success stories just keep on flowing in. And losing weight is only one of the benefits of this wonder diet – other results are clear glowing skin, healthy hair, abundant energy and a zest for life. Wow! This can certainly be awarded the “Ideal Lifestyle Diet” of the century!