June 19, 2024


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The Best Natural Feminine Care Products for Women (& Why You Might Want to Make the Switch)


Sooo, yup— we’re heading there today. Let us communicate about intervals. And the feminine treatment merchandise that occur with them. Enjoyment things, you fellas!

But actually, when you tap into your menstrual cycle and get to know it genuinely well, it uncovers all forms of beneficial data about your temper, energy, starvation, want to shift, hormones and sooo significantly much more every thirty day period. It is like tapping into our individual mystery code, and getting to definitely realize our bodies from the inside out. 

I’ll share some of my preferred books and resources beneath on cycle monitoring and how it can impression practically Everything in your daily life. But for now, if you have never ever completed so, I’d truly inspire you to commence preserving observe of your cycle. Not just the times when you have your period, but almost everything in advance of and right after, much too. Continue to keep a notebook and make take note of your bodily symptoms for a couple of entire cycles: how your rest is, your energy, any cramping/bloating, your temper/irritability, starvation and cravings, pores and skin well being/breakouts, thirst levels… every little thing you can assume of to keep track of.

It doesn’t need to have to be prolonged or intricate, but just continue to keep a each day log of these points for a couple of cycles. You may possibly recognize specified trends, which are signals for ways to better treatment for on your own in various phases of your cycle. And men, it is Seriously neat as soon as you start out to recognize how your vitality, hormones, mood and much more ebb and movement through the thirty day period. 

Much more than that, we want to be acutely aware about what we’re working with to care for our bodies when it is “that” time of the month. Simply because, most cotton merchandise and feminine products are full of bleach and severe chemical compounds that can leach into your human body, specially with tampons that are interior.

Many of the chemicals uncovered in your common female treatment merchandise are endocrine disruptors that can truly mess with our hormones, and add to our toxic load. And I’m only talking about the unscented ones! “Fragrance” is also another huge endocrine disrupter… most normally discovered in, properly, every thing feminine treatment. (And all the things specific to ladies in general,  like candes, bodywash, perfumes, etc… but that is a post for a different working day.)

But the great information? There are so quite a few improved alternatives these days, from reusable interval cups to organic cotton tampons and pads to period underwear, there is an possibility for whatever your choices are. 

My preferred normal feminine treatment products and solutions:

  1. Very best pads
  2. Favored natural and organic tampons: these or these
  3. Period cup: Do not be intimidated by this! I guarantee, it’s SO quick and way reduce maintenance than pads/tampons once you get the hold of it. In truth, this is what I use most of all. I like that it arrives in 2 measurements. I was weirded out at very first, but I like that I really don’t have to preserve acquiring products and solutions (so considerably $ saved more than your life time!), it doesn’t leak, and I can never feel it.  

Other fantastic guides & methods on all factors organic durations, hormones & fertility in this article: 

  1. Getting Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
  2. Girl Code by Alisa Vitti
  3. In The Flo by Alisa Vitti
  4. Time period Maintenance Handbook by Lara Briden


Whilst you’re at it, it is in no way a undesirable idea to update your self-care and skincare merchandise!

Check out my all-time most loved natural and non-toxic skin and personalized care merchandise, and just take 10% off your to start with buy making use of code ‘simplyrealhealth’ at checkout!

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