July 25, 2024


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The Law of Attraction, the Raw Food Diet, and Your Higher Self

The Law of Attraction, the Raw Food Diet, and Your Higher Self

A few days ago I had the privilege of listening to a video on longevity by raw food diet guru David Wolfe. I have heard David speak in person a couple of times about ten years ago and I knew he was onto something in the field of health and longevity. There’s no doubt that he talks, lives and exudes health.

But in this recent video (promoting his longevity website) he said something about the Law of Attraction that was very interesting. He said that for manifesting and attracting good into your life, the raw food diet is significantly more effective than following Law of Attraction teachings. I was there with all the big Law of Attraction masters, says David Wolfe in his video. “I saw what happens behind the scenes. It’s a show.”

Not having been there, I can’t say whether it was a show or not. But I do know when someone doesn’t have the bigger picture by what he or she does and doesn’t talk about. The Law Of Attraction masters may mean well and may want to help others, but something is missing from their conversations.

The reason that I’m clear about this is that in order for the universe to support you on a greater level, you need to reconnect with your higher self and actually begin your higher life purpose. What “activates” the “Law of Attraction” is you doing your higher life purpose (not what you think your life purpose is according to your personality’s limited consciousness). The truth is, your higher self has plans for you that are much more amazing than what your limited human consciousness can conceive of at the moment.

Although the information that the LOA teachers offer may seem kind of close at times, close does not cut it. Exactly what it takes to learn to reconnect to (and trust) your higher self is not discussed. Perhaps David Wolfe is not off when he says that the clean raw food diet can help you connect to your body and soul better than LOA teachings.

I wouldn’t be satisfied with information that was close; I’d want it exact and precise as well. Why not reconnect to your higher self as directly as possible and learn to trust your higher self enough so that you follow through with your inner guidance promptly and consistently? It takes something, of course, but once you’ve reached the “critical mass” where you begin to trust your higher self more than anyone outside of yourself, the universe will support you promptly and consistently, too.

Your higher self knows the bigger picture to life and has a vested interest in helping you fulfill your higher life purpose (which is, by the way, very important for your transformation). Once you begin, amazing events and favorable synchronicities will occur to help you fulfill that unique purpose–but you definitely have to be up for it. In any case, your human personality self will be very pleased and amazed with the outcome.