November 30, 2023


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Tricks and ideas for a weight loss diet

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There is a challenge of weight in the world today. It might be as a result of the radical change in the lifestyles of modern humans. Before we got so comfortable, our forebears had to walk for miles to source for food, and physical activity and exertion were the norms, not something to be scheduled on our calendars. As man’s society and processes evolved and machines were developed to solve daily challenges, the level of physical activities that the average human engaged in reduced. Strike one. Not only that, advancements across several fronts of human endeavor made it possible to easily address the insecurities around food, so much so that food supply became in excess. Humans now had more than enough to eat. Strike two. Even as food became more abundant, technological advancements also made it possible to genetically modify products to prolong their shelf lives, make them appear bigger, fresher, and better for long periods, sometimes using chemicals and fertilizers that have adverse effects on the body. Strike three.

The above analysis is perhaps an oversimplification of the obesity challenge in America and other areas of the world. Lifestyle choices such as sedentary lifestyles, occupations that require being seated for long periods, health challenges, deficits of some vitamins or nutrients, and many more contribute to the collective weight of the society. It is therefore important to understand the major nutritional values of food as well as read botanic choice reviews to decide which products hold the best nutrients for you.

Many diets have been popularized over the years, some propagated by celebrities, others by mainstream media. This article is not to share or recommend any particular diet to you, but to tell you some tricks and ideas that might aid your weightloss journey. You can also find some useful information in evitamins review if you are willing to commit to your weight loss journey. You have heard about counting calories, having a regular exercise routine, using weight loss supplements, and others, but below are some lifestyle tricks that will cumulatively impact your weight over time.

Drink water

I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times before, but you need to know that water is your best friend. Apart from being important for your metabolism, it also helps muscles, tissues, organs, and joints to work as they are designed to. It is also possible to mistake thirst for hunger, so keeping hydrated is a sure way to keep within your weightloss goals. Water has zero calories, so it is the best drink for anyone on a mission to reduce their body mass.

Move more

Notice that I did not say exercise, because a lot of people think of exercise negatively. But weight loss can only be achieved if the energy you expend is more than the one you store, so you need to be intentional about moving more. Walk briskly when you are out. Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator. Going across the block? Why not walk or ride your bike, instead of taking the car? Play in the garden with your children once in a while, instead of sitting in front of the television. These little lifestyle changes will create long-lasting but visible effects over time.

Make your food your medicine

Watch what you eat. Treat your body with respect. It’s the only unit you have for your time on earth, so how you treat your body is how you’ll meet it. Some food only gives instant gratification, but have long-lasting negative effects, for example, sugar. Eat sugar (and processed foods) as little as possible, or not at all. Eat your food as fresh as possible. Try not to eat, or overindulge in processed food or any food, for that matter. Be sure of where you get your organic products. Read nutritional labels on food packs. Just be more interested in what you eat and how you eat it. Your body will thank you for it.



People think they are more productive when they cheat sleep, but that is not so. Sleep is important to the life, growth, and detoxification process of your body system. When you do not get enough sleep, toxins build up to stress your organs, speeding up the aging process, and making your emotions haywire. It also makes nerve signals difficult to understand, so sleep deficiency has been linked to increased weight gain from the increased storage of stress hormone cortisol, and the reduced control that can lead to binge eating. When you sleep well, you have the energy to make the right decisions, including those that affect what you weigh.


Enjoy the journey

Often, people on a weightloss journey give up when they do not get the results they desire as fast as they want. But in truth, it is because they see the weight loss as an end in itself, which it isn’t. Weightloss is about health, about positive body perception, about self-love. When you see it like that, you will learn to enjoy the process and be mindful of every decision you make about food, drinks, exercise, lifestyle, everything. As you enjoy making and eating healthier meals, noticing people and places you have often driven by in the past, drinking water instead of calorie-laden drinks, and sleeping better at night, the quality of your life will improve, and you will feel better about yourself. So what if the dials on the weight scale don’t move just yet? You are on a journey, and sooner than later, the results you feel on the inside will be visible on the outside.