July 25, 2024


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Vegan charity Viva! calls for carbon footprint labelling on menus


The charity has launched a petition urging the Govt to prioritise carbon footprints on menus around energy to increase awareness of the link concerning foodstuff choices and world impact.

The petition will come in reaction to modern research by the College of Würzburg which found that menus exhibiting carbon foodprints inspired diners to decide for plant-based mostly or vegetarian choices when having out, according to Viva!

The charity says that dishes that include meat, dairy, fish and eggs have a ‘considerably higher detrimental affect on the planet’ than vegan solutions. It has partnered with carbon calculation company My Emissions as very well as Bristol restaurant The Canteen to understand what effects carbon labels has on menus and customers’ selections when buying.

“It is critical that we act now if we want to preserve our world, and it’s very clear that a vegan diet is the greatest way for an personal to make a difference” says Laura Hellwig, Controlling Director at Viva!

“Raising consciousness of the carbon footprints from the output of meat, dairy, fish and eggs is critical – a lot of persons have no notion that ingesting just one beef burger can be as damaging as driving the typical Uk petrol motor vehicle for 10 miles.”

The Canteen is the to start with restaurant to just take part in the carbon counting demo with the carbon footprint of each and every dish set on the menu.

“Including carbon footprints on menus is a positive step in encouraging people today to be much more knowledgeable of the influence of their possibilities,” states Dr Matthew Harris, head chef.


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