July 25, 2024


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Why do you Need Phobia Therapy and How It Helps To Overcome your Fear

How imagination can help people overcome fear and anxiety

Being scared of something is normal, everybody is afraid of something. However, if this fear affects your life in a negative way then it’s not a simple fear but it’s already a phobia. Phobia is defined as extreme fear of things, animals or events. Having phobia is not that simple since it can lead to anxiety and depression if not treated early. Therefore, getting professional help to overcome your phobia will be the best option to avoid things getting worse. Here are some reasons why do  you need phobia therapy

To Overcome your Fear 

Overcoming your phobia alone will not be possible since your thoughts are hard to handle. Seeking professional health can be a better idea, since they can help you change those thoughts to a better one. You will know if you have phobias if you are experiencing the following symptoms if you are exposed to things you are afraid of:

  • Increase heart rate 
  • Quick breathing
  • Sweaty Palms

If you have these symptoms , it means you are not capable of handling your fear and that you need professional help to finally overcome them. 

To Have a Better Understanding of Your phobia 

Sometimes having a phobia is unacceptable for some people, they keep on denying it because they don’t want to accept the fact that they are afraid of something. By having specific phobia treatment you will be able to understand the reasons behind why you are much affected with your fears. For instance traumatic events can lead to a phobia that never leaves your thoughts despite the years that pass and despite doing things that can   forget about it. With the help of a therapist you can reveal the real reason why these things are unforgettable, and they can aid in channeling your thoughts to a more positive way so you can totally forget it and move forward instead of keeping those memories stuck in your head. 

To Control Your Fear 

Being able to control your fear rather than having your fear control you is better. Phobias can prevent you from progressing as an individual. For instance people with social phobia are not able to get the job they want just because they are afraid of interacting with people, they are so scared of interviews and the fact that they have to interact with coworkers once they start to get that job. With this kind of fear it suppresses people from attaining the goals they want in life. By undergoing phobia therapy patients can counteract their phobias and get motivated to become the opposite version of themselves, someone who has social phobia can become the most confident person after therapy. 

Treatment for Phobias

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

This is one method on how to treat phobias. Phobias can create negative thoughts which can worsen a person’s phobia, with cognitive behavior therapy  the patients are taught to channel this negative thoughts to positive ones. IN this way they will gradually forget about their fears and finally overcome them over time

Exposure Therapy 

This method on how to cure phobias works by exposing people to their phobias in a gradual way. For instance people who are claustrophobic will be asked to ride an elevator going up to the second floor on their first therapy, on their second therapy they will have to ride the elevator up to the 3rd floor and so on. BY getting trapped in the elevator for a longer time, the patient can be able to bear it until he finally feels fine getting trapped in the elevator for a longer time. During these moments the therapist will give relaxing techniques to the patients such as deep breathing and visualization to let him feel calm until the elevator opens. 

These are just two methods on how to overcome phobia but there are more. If you ever wonder Why do  you need phobia therapy? Just find out the reasons and you will surely get motivated to visit your therapist to master the methods in overcoming your phobias. Remember the number one reason why you need phobia therapy is for you to accept that you are indeed afraid of something and that you need professional help. Don’t delay your therapy and contact one now.