June 19, 2024


The Healthy Technicians

Is Cereal Allowed On The Nutrisystem Diet?

I sometimes hear from folks wanting to know if they will still be able to eat their favorite food on Nutrisystem. Sometimes, they are asking about comfort foods like pizza or hamburgers. Other times, they are asking about their favorite staple – that they go to time and time again – like cereal.

I might hear from someone who says: “I am a cereal fiend. I love it. It is not unusual for me to take it far past breakfast. Sometimes, I even have it for dinner or for a snack. Are you allowed to have cereal on Nutrisystem? And if so, what kind?”

The answer is that yes, you have all types of cereal options (including hot and cold) on Nutrisystem. I will go over some of the details below.

Cold Cereals: I think that most people who ask about cereal on Nutrisystem are referring to the cold cereals and not the oatmeal. I will outline the oatmeal a little later. But for now, let’s talk about your cold cereal options.

The Sweetened O’s: This cereal is a lot like the frosted O cereal you find in the grocery store. There is a hint of sweetness to it. A serving is only 110 calories and it is rated over four out of five stars by dieters.

The Granola Cereal: I love granola but it is often not included in any diet plan because regular granola can be very high in fat. This version isn’t. It only has 2.5 grams of fat and it includes both granola and almonds. It is rated a perfect five start by over 400 users. It’s extremely popular. I have to agree with the good reviews. This is my favorite cold cereal on the menu.

Nutri Flakes Cereal: I would compare this to flaked, bran cereal. It does have a bran type of taste, which is why I prefer it with fruit like blueberries or strawberries. But many people do like this, which is why it has a four star rating.

Oatmeal Or Hot Cereal Options: There are basically two flavors to choose from here. Apple cinnamon (which is rated four stars) and maple and brown sugar (which is rated four and a half stars.) I find both quite good, but of the two, I prefer the apple and cinnamon because it does contain chunks of apples in it and I like fruit in my oatmeal.

I hope that this article has shown you that you don’t have to give up cereal while on this diet. You are absolutely allowed to have it and you have a decent amount of choices also.