June 15, 2024


The Healthy Technicians

Lava Soap to Remove Acne Scars

So, are you looking for lava soap to remove acne scars? There are people who claim this product is very beneficial to get rid of marks. Lava soap is a facial clean based on pumice and it seems that it brings great results. This is a soap that is also used to remove skin oil, and provides excellent cleansing results.

Lava soap can be found in the form of bars or as liquid soap, this soap was first introduced back in the year 1983 by the Walyke Company of St Louis, nowadays it is produced by WD-40. This soap is perfect for exfoliation, and exfoliation is an important step to improve our skin’s condition. This type of soap is also used in microdermabrasion acne scar treatment to clean the face first.

Does it work? As an exfoliator, it has the power to improve the looks of the skin, since it removes the dead cells on the top layers of the skin, letting then our body, re-grow the area with new healthy cells that translates in healthier skin. The best about lava soap is that it isn’t costly and anyone can use it. You can find this soap for around $5 in common drugstores.

If you are ready to try lava soap, use it regularly and better consult a doctor first to check your skin. While this type of “remedy” can serve for patients with light acne scars, it may be not so helpful for patients with deep acne scars who can benefit greatly from other treatments such as laser resurfacing and surgery.